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INSTITUTO DE ONCOLOGÍA INTERVENCIONISTA, S.C., commercially identified as IDOI, a company incorporated in Mexico, having its business address in 853-C Cerro del Topo Street, Obispado, Monterrey, Nuevo León, Zip Code 64060, operating the web site In attendance to the Privacy Policy herein, and in accordance with the Federal Law on Protection to the Personal Data Held by Private Parties, its Statutes and the Guidelines of the Privacy Policy, this page is used to inform our employees and candidates regarding our policies of collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Data.


Personal data means any data that, either on its own or jointly with other data, can be used to identify a natural person. Users directly provide IDOI with such data, when using their websites, products, or services, or interact with IDOI.

IDOI, for the provision of its services collects personal data of its real and potential clients (The Users).

IDOI collects sensitive personal data, such as the user's health status and other necessary information in order to create the user’s clinical records, including age, sex, blood type, medical conditions and religion, which are necessary for the proper provision of IDOI’s services.

In addition, IDOI collects from The Users their name, address, date and place of birth, marital status, email, home and office phone, cell phone, nationality, education, work history (position, address, name of the company) and, when necessary, data of pre-existing clinical records, when the patient has received treatment or has been treated in another clinic.

Likewise, IDOI collects data obtained during reviews, treatments, tests, medical assistance and/or any procedure related to the User’s health.

The tax data (tax address and tax ID) may be required for medical and service payments. User’s bank details shall only be collected when user requests and authorizes automatic charges to any account or card.

IDOI’s authorized staff shall only collect the personal and sensitive data necessary for the proper provision of its services, as well as to comply with the applicable legislation in Mexico in matters of health.

Access to the User’s clinical record shall only been permitted when there is written authorization to it, for reasons of medical treatment or for regulatory issues, in compliance with the health authorities in Mexico.

IDOI’s databases contain personal and sensitive data, that is integrated and safeguarded with proper caution.

The User’s medical records contain the anamnesis and the physical examination, data about progress, medical orders, records of inter-consultation, reports of complementary explorations, informed consent, evolution and planning of nursing care, the therapeutic application of nursing, as well as any other medical data necessary to integrate a regular clinical record.

In case of hospitalization of the user, the clinical records will contain the admission authorization, the urgency report, the anesthesia report, the operating room report, the pathology report, the chart of constants, the discharge clinical report, and any other medical data needed.


The Users give their explicit and written consent for the treatment of their personal data, in particular for data that may be sensitive, as well as data that is part of their clinical record.

If the User is a minor, the parent or the guardian that exercises parental authority over the minor, are responsible to grant consent for the processing of their personal data.

The entrance to any of IDOI’s offices and/or facilities also implies a tacit consent to the video recording of the image and voice of the Users through the video-surveillance systems installed in them.

The Users expressively authorize IDOI to investigate and collect present and past information about the data, through any public or private entity that IDOI deems necessary, in order to confirm and verify the data provided by the Users.


IDOI collects the data directly from the Users, but reserves the right to use third-party sources.


The data is collected in order to perform cancer treatments, provide general and specialized medical care, and perform oncology studies to the Users. In addition, the data collected is used to create the User’s clinical records and for the payment of medical services.

The contact data can be used to send information of any nature, in relation to the activities and services provided by IDOI.


To comply with applicable laws or respond to valid legal procedures, IDOI may disclose your personal data to law enforcement or other government agencies. In addition, IDOI may transfer the data to its affiliates, subsidiaries, service providers or business partners, for the sole purpose of processing them in the terms set herein.


All the Data collected by IDOI is protected with security measures that guarantees its safety. IDOI’s staff is responsible for the processing and preservation of the data. The staff is bound by confidentiality agreements and obligations.

The databases containing specially protected data are under a special guard, where the access is limited to staff related to the medical treatment of the User.


IDOI does not collect data by remote means and does not use cookies or web beacons within its website.


The Data collected by IDOI shall be kept for the entire duration of the relationship with the Users, considering as such until the Users finish their treatment, or for as long as the sanitary laws require so in Mexico.


The Users may Access, Rectify, Cancel and Oppose the treatment of their personal data (ARCO Rights).

The users may exercise any of their ARCO Rights. To revoke the consent of the usage of the personal data, the user or its legal representative with a valid identification and power of attorney, shall file the petition in IDOI’s address through the Administrative Department, or by request sent by email to the account, attaching as a file the aforementioned digitized documents and specifying the purpose of their request.

IDOI shall respond to any request to exercise ARCO Rights, including the revocation of consent. IDOI’s first response shall be within the first 15 business days. IDOI’s final response shall be within the first 15 business days from the provisional response. IDOI shall contact the user directly through the contact data provided in its application.

The Data collected to create the medical records, may not be cancelled until the applicable legislation on health matters indicates so, or when any outstanding obligation is fully terminated.

In relation to the right of cancellation, IDOI may block the data of the user who requests it until IDOI fully reviews that the cancellation of the data does not affect any obligation of or with IDOI, as well as with its obligations with third parties.


Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be made available to the users in IDOI’s web page, and in printed format through IDOI’s offices.


For any doubt or claim arising from the treatment of the personal data, the Users may attend to the INAI (National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data) as the competent government agency.


If the personal data collected corresponds to a minor, the parent or guardian who exercises parental authority over the minor agrees to this Privacy Policy.


The last update of this Privacy Policy was published on March 15, 2019.