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The proper treatment for difficult types of cancer is the one that “suits you”: based on a disruptive thinking and the most avant-garde knowledge in medical sciences.

Over the last years, the World Health Organization has published statistics that show the growth of cancer patients all over the world, being cancer one of the top five leading causes of death. There are several types of cancer, all of them hurtful to the patient and to the family. Some types of cancer are more aggressive than others, that even the treatment diminishes the quality of life of the patient.

Most cancer treatments have stopped evolving and innovating, and one of the main reasons is that the procedures are strict and most of the times are not individualize, meaning that they apply the same procedure to all patients and not consider each patient’s diagnosis, therefore the results are not the expected.

There are some obstacles on finding the cure for cancer, such as the fear for innovation on traditional grounds and transform the existence knowledge. Another obstacle is the bureaucracy of the medical organizations and regulatory institutions, as well as the fear of the doctors and patients to start different procedures aside from the traditional ones.

Taking in consideration all the above, in Instituto de Oncología Intervencionista(IDOI), we developed and apply innovative oncology treatments, that are being individualized and based on applied research, developed from the relation between the patient and our medical team.

The individualize treatment that IDOI applies focus on attack one of the most aggressive and incurable types of cancer.

Our mission is to offer compassionate, personalized and sophisticated treatments, focused in reducing the symptoms of cancer and the secondary effects caused by traditional drugs and treatments.Our medical team has more than 25 years of professional experience. Throughout this time we have explored the different modalities of treatments considered “orthodox”, such as the use of conventional chemotherapy, the application of high-dose chemotherapy with rescue of hematopoietic progenitor cells (autologous bone marrow transplant), high-dose chemotherapy without rescue and the use of metronomic chemotherapy, among others.

Based on results and the obtained experience, IDOI started a research on different procedures, which are personalized, often complex and minimally invasive modalities. The mentioned modalities compared to conventional treatments, have considerably increased the expectation and quality of life of our patients.

The treatments offered by IDOI consist on superselective intra-arterial chemotherapy and intrathecal chemotherapy, providing conventional and last generation antineoplastic agents, immunomodulatory agents and other medications known as Targeted Therapy, as well as various natural products with a proven biological effect and at pharmacological doses according to the characteristics of each patient. This type of treatment is fully documented in the international medical literature, which has shown that with its application the impact on the patient is reduced, the side effects of chemotherapy are reduced,and the positive effects of the treatment increased.

IDOI seeks to give a compassionate and individualized treatment to each patient. Our researchers and medical team focus their practice on the personal and direct attention of each of our patients.

The philosophy that governs our treatment principles is completely focused on the care of each and every patient that is under our responsibility. This has been harshly criticized by the medical establishment, as well as by some characters sponsored by “big pharma” corporates, who use the lack of publications and medical articles to question the seriousness of IDOI and the veracity of the offered treatments.

At IDOI we have a commitment with our patients health and highly specialized and humane care for our patients. The best data that we can publish so far are the testimonies of our patients, who endorse the positive results of the treatment received.

In this context, we have been considered leaders on treating brain tumors and we have been recognized for focusing on attending the Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma(DIPG). IDOI has achieved to increase the life expectancy on 70 patients, under certain circumstances.This is remarkable because DIPG is a cancer that develops in the brainstem, mainly in children, and after the initial diagnosis the life expectancy ranges from 6 months to 2 years. (1)

The average DIPG patient who is treated at IDOI started its treatment 213.5 days (7.02 months) after its diagnosis, meaning that there is a considerable progression of the disease. However, throughout the treatment, the patient improves its quality of life, recovering in many cases, neurological functions already lost and even having the possibility to return to school.

Our records reveal that patients treated under these circumstances have survive up to 18.32 months (557 days) after diagnosis,the cypher is calculated exclusively with closed cases or death. The average survival rate has been 20.39 months (620 days)as said by Kaplan-Meier (2). After one year of treatment, 88% of the patients remained alive, the cypher after two years of treatment is 37%.

Another criticizedsubjectby some charactersin the international medical community is the location of IDOI. These criticisms seek to discredit us for being in the city of Monterrey, Mexico. In this regard, it should be noted that in recent years, Monterrey has established itself as one of the favorite destinations for medical tourism in border states such asTexas, Arizona and California, due to the advantages, incosts, infrastructure and the high specialized physicians located in the city. (3)

We consider that the criticisms published against IDOI and its medical team are totally unfounded and are made with the sole purpose of displacing an institution that is breaking the monolithic regime established by some agents of the medical community.

To this day, IDOI has stablished relationships with scientific institutions in order to continue and strengthen its research in formulas and procedures dedicated to improve the treatment of oncological child patients. IDOI will continue to serve its patients with high quality standards and human commitment.