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IDOI México

Our mission is to offer compassionate, personalized and sophisticated treatments.

Over the last years, the World Health Organization has published statistics that show the growth of cancer patients all over the world, being cancer one of the top 5 leading causes of death.

In the Institute of Interventional Oncology (IDOI México), we developed and apply innovative oncology treatments. Our mission is to offer compassionate, personalized and sophisticated treatments, focused on reducing the symptoms of cancer and the secondary effects caused by traditional drugs and treatments. Our medical team has more than 25 years of professional experience. Based on results and the obtained experience, IDOI started a research on different procedures, which are personalized, often complex and minimally invasive modalities.
The philosophy that governs our treatment principles is completely focused on the care of each and every patient that is under our responsibility. This has been harshly criticized by the medical establishment, as well as by some characters sponsored by “big pharma” corporates, who use the lack of publications and medical articles to question the seriousness of IDOI and the veracity of the offered treatments.
At IDOI we have a commitment with our patients’ health and highly specialized and humane care for our patients. The best data that we can publish so far are the testimonies of our patients, who endorse the positive results of the treatment received.
We consider that the criticisms published against IDOI and its medical team are totally unfounded and are made with the sole purpose of displacing an institution that is breaking the monolithic regime established by some agents of the medical community.
To this day, IDOI has established relationships with scientific institutions in order to continue and strengthen its research in formulas and procedures dedicated to improved the treatment of oncological child patients. IDOI will continue to serve its patients with high-quality standards and human commitment.