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Understanding DIPG

Diffuse Gliomas make up 58-75% of all brainstem tumors and are the most common tumor found in this location.

The brainstem is divided into 3 major areas—MIDBRAIN, PONS, and MEDULLA—and different types of tumors can occur in any of these locations.
A GLIOMA is a tumor that arises from a cell in the brain called a glial cell. One type of glioma is called an ASTROCYTOMA, which is a tumor that arises from a specific type of glial cell called an ASTROCYTE. The two major types of astrocytomas are PILOCYTIC ASTROCYTOMAS and DIFFUSE, INFILTRATING ASTROCYTOMAS.
The term DIPG specifically refers to a diffuse, infiltrating astrocytoma that develops in the PONS.

understanding DIPG

Like most cancers, DIPG occurs when something goes wrong with the process of cell reproduction. However, unlike many other cancers, there is no evidence that indicates DIPG is caused by environmental factors (exposure to chemicals or radiation), or specific inherited genetic variations.
Most researchers who study DIPG believe these brain tumors, similar to other tumors affecting children, arise when normal developmental and maturational processes go awry. In this case, developing brain cells accumulate alterations in their DNA that prevent them from properly maturing. These alterations allow the developing brain cells to continue growing, and this growth eventually becomes out of control, leading to cancer. During the process of uncontrolled growth, DIPG cells can gain DNA alterations that allow them to resist the effects of radiation and chemotherapy, making these cancer cells extremely difficult to kill.

The Instituto de Oncología Intervencionista (Interventionist Oncology Institute) joins two successful professional careers and two complementary experiences, one focused on Oncology and the other on Interventional Neuroradiology, which has allowed to find new ways of using multiple techniques, procedures, and medications to treat different types of cancer including DIPG.
IDOI MEXICO is renowned for controlling the disease in over 60 patients with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), with increased overall survival and quality of life.